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Zelev Hub

– A media platform encouraging students to harness the power of their creativity with holistic development being the cornerstone. Here, you can unapologetically be yourself and inspire others to be as well. Join us and become part of the Zelev Hub family!

Time to unleash your creativity!

We share your teenage angst, love, joy, sadness, aspirations and inspirations!

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“ Being creative and sharing yourself to the world can be so emotionally freeing! ”

Quoted from Trinkets, the drama series

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What others think

  • I always wanted to share my writings with a mass, but I never found a chance to do it. I guess now is the best time.


  • A safe side that we need sometimes. A haven that shelters us from the storms of flooding thoughts. A place where writers bleed beautifully. Where the coursing blood in our veins tells the most sincere of all masterpieces. That’s what I’d tell if asked about Zelev Hub.


  • Zelevhub is definitely a wonderful platform especially for young writers. Personally, it has given me the opportunity to publish my writings as well as discover other marvellous poems and proses.